4 thoughts on “Austrostipa geoffreyi”

  1. Just in case you have not heard, I named a new species of Austrostipa after your dad, and it is in the same subgenus as Austrostipa geoffreyi. It will be Austrostipa jacobsiana and should appear in the edition of Telopea celebrating Surrey’s achievements. Hope you like the association. The new species, together with a new near relative, are both very rare. A. jacobsiana is known only from a small population in suburban Perth, and a second small population in suburban Bunbury. Surrey too, was a rare individual.

  2. Wow, thank you. I hadn’t heard about it, although I had heard about Eragrostis jacobsiana.
    I love the association, and it means a lot having a species so closely related named after him.

  3. How fabulous. Thanks Alex. I know there was one being named in Surrey’s honour in the Telopea but it was not that one. I have a beautiful botanical drawing of the Eragrostis jacobsiana ready for my newly painted bedroom. Thank you for your most fitting tribute.

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