Problems with latest SPA942 Firmware (5.1.10)

I’ve noticed that the spacfg.xml seems to be malformed and it’s causing my scripts to break :'(
It seems that Linksys have added

<2nd_preferred_codec_1_ group="Ext_1/Audio_Configuration">

which presumably due to the fact that it starts with the number 2 is breaking it 🙁
I’ve posted over on the Linksys boards and hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on it.

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2 thoughts on “Problems with latest SPA942 Firmware (5.1.10)”

  1. I haven’t seen it break anything. To view the spacfg.xml in its entirety (ignoring the warning) just use the view source functionality of your browser.

    What scripts are breaking?

  2. I have custom scripts that parse the XML to tell me what firmware versions people are using etc… which tells me if a phone needs updating / reconfiguring. When I try parsing the XML, I get errors telling me that it’s invalid. I’ve overcome the problem by rolling back to the previous firmware though.

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