More SPA942 Firmware stuff

Well I’m trailing out the 5.15a firmware for the SPA942 phones. Firstly, I have figured out the problem I was having previously with the first line being one pixel out of alignment. For our users, we display $EXT – Line # on each of the lines, so for me it appears as:

<br />6004 - Line 1<br />6004 - Line 2<br />6004 - Line 3<br />6004 - Line 4<br />

In the previous (5.1.5) firmware, this was left aligned, where as the newer firmwares are right aligned. Because the number 1 is thinner than the numbers 2,3 and 4, the text looked out of line. Other people probably wouldn’t have this issue, because adding in the Line numbers was a custom change I made for my users (in response to too many questions about why there where 4 buttons).

The other issue I was having with

<br /><2nd_preferred_codec_1_ group="Ext_1/Audio_Configuration"><br />

has been changed to

<br />&lt;Second_Preferred_Codec_1_ group="Ext_1/Audio_Configuration"><br />

There’s also a new feature that allows you to set a background image that I’m hoping to play around with shortly – more info about that on voip-info

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