SPA942 and Daylight Saving

Well daylight savings just hit for the first time since we’ve had the SPA942s and needless to say I overlooked that parameter when setting them up.
Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as ticking a box or setting a parameter to 1 or 0 which I was kind of hoping it would be, instead you need to have a ‘Daylight Saving Time Rule’ which I guess is fair enough as different states and countries treat it differently.
Also unfortunate was Linksys’ decision to not allow daylight savings rules to span more than one calendar year. Luckily some people on the Linksys boards were able to provide me with the work around I needed.

Basically you need to set Time_Zone to GMT+11:00 even though it should be GMT+10:00 and then subtract hours rather than adding them.
End result looks something like:

<time_Zone group="Regional/Miscellaneous">
<daylight_Saving_Time_Rule group="Regional/Miscellaneous">
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One thought on “SPA942 and Daylight Saving”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for the tip. It did work for my setup here but only for an hour or so – the clock went back an whole hour soon after. 🙁

    I gave up and simply set the timezone to be GMT+11 or GMT+10 as needed. Luckily with a perl script it's fairly easy:

    perl -p -i.bak -e

    I'm running the 5.2.5 firmware.

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