Glintech integrates Asterisk, Jabber for open source UC platform

A week or so ago, my boss came to me asking if I could write something on what’d I’d done internally with XMPP and Asterisk for someone he knew at Computerworld. I was only too happy to have someone listen to my ramblings, so I wrote up some replies to some of the questions his friend had asked.
Last night my boss sent me a link to the article. Unfortunately, the article makes it look like he was the one who replied to the questions instead of me, but it’s nice to get some of my work out there anyway.
Here’s the full article: Glintech integrates Asterisk, Jabber for open source UC platform.
For those who actually understand what the article is about, you’ll probably realise that what I did here wasn’t anything particularly difficult or out of the ordinary. But hopefully for those who don’t, it might open a few eyes to some of the things that can be done with open source software.

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2 thoughts on “Glintech integrates Asterisk, Jabber for open source UC platform”

  1. I think what makes the article good is not that the individual tasks were difficult (using LDAP with Jabber, or Asterisk with Jabber is somewhat well documented), but rather that they were all deployed in a coherent strategy that reduces duplicate or outdated info.

    This is a great example of the results you can achieve with a unified vision using a lot of different standards-based open source components. Congratulations.

    When the article says the scripts “…have been released on one of our employee’s personal blogs and will also soon be exposed via Glintech’s blog.”, is there an easy way to download them all in a package from your blog, or they’re just scattered through the posts?

  2. No, I haven’t packaged up the scripts I’m sorry, they’re just scattered throughout. I will see what I can put together though and try to package them up soon.
    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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