Tasmania Trip – Day 1

For my 30th, Jen took me to Tasmania for a 4 day weekend.
We started off by heading down on Friday morning and arrived in Hobart about 10am.
We went and picked up our hire car which was a Nissan Tida from Budget.
I have to say it wasn’t the greatest car. It was knocked around a bit and felt fairly flimsy. In hindsight we should have gone for the next option up.
Anyway, we hopped in the car and started driving. We stopped by the hotel to see if we could do an early check-in but they weren’t interested so we went on an adventure.

We didn’t really know where we were heading, but we started driving south east of Hobart and came across the Taroona Shot Tower. We went in and had a bite to eat then checked out the tower itself. We were pretty keen to climb to the top to check out the view, but as soon as we entered, we realised we weren’t going to be doing that.

It is 58 metres tall, and it can be climbed. There are 318 steps

The problem was that these 318 steps looked like they were fairly original wood and didn’t feel very solid (I’m sure they were actually fine).

From there we headed further South East to Geeveston and then to the Tahune AirWalk.
On our way we pulled over into a picnic area that had a 10min walk we could do through the most gorgeous, moss-covered forest I’ve ever seen. Really reminded me of a scene out of Lord Of The Rings.

Then we continued on to the AirWalk. It was a bit windy and wet but absolutely beautiful. Jen was a bit disturbed by the amount of movement in the structure, but managed to make it all the way along.

Once we reached the end of it, we decided to do the Swinging Bridge walk which took us across two rivers by means of swinging bridges.
We then made our way back to the car and started the drive back to Hobart and our hotel.

We stopped off at the Apple Museum and picked up a few bits and pieces while we were there.

We stayed at St. Ives which was really much nicer than we expected for the price. It was a self serviced apartment style and we felt pretty comfortable.

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