Tasmania Trip – Day 3

We started the day by checking out of St Ives hotel. We’d decided not to book our last night so we could try out somewhere else if we wanted to. My Uncle (sort of) had recommended Henry Jones Jam Factory so we decided to go down and check it out over breakfast.
We ate at the attached cafe (Jam Packed) and were quite impressed with the look and feel of the place.

I’d decided that I’d like to check out the Cascade Brewery so after breakfast we headed across town to check it out. We were 30 min early when we got there, so decided to go for a drive to kill some time.

We started heading towards Mount Wellington and figured we’d just drive for 15min then turn around and go back to the brewery.
It was a really nice drive heading up the mountain, and was interesting to see the rapidly changing vegetation as the altitude increased. After 15 min we were nearly at the top, so we figured we might as well keep going.
There was still some scattered snow in some of the shaded areas near the summit, so we parked the car and had a look around. The fob for the car didn’t work though, so it took me a few minutes to figure out how to lock the car without it. We later found out that it was due to interference from the huge antennas.
It was freezing cold and windy outside the car, and we weren’t really dressed for the snow, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out the lookouts and get some great views and photos of Hobart and the surrounding areas.
After 10 min, we quickly walked back to the car to warm up again and drive down to the brewery.
We weren’t sure about doing a tour of the brewery, so just wandered in to the bar / restaurant to have a look around. When we asked at the counter, they told us that a tour was leaving in 5 min so we thought we might as well join in.
Being a Sunday, the brewery wasn’t operational, but was impressive none the less. A beautiful building with some great history.
After the tour we went back to the bar for tasting ­čÖé Jen offered to drive which meant I could sample a few more without worrying too much. We grabbed a few (small) glasses and headed out to the beautiful gardens to sit and enjoy the sun and the scenery.
Jen made friends with the resident cat who seemed to have an agreement(?) with the resident duck. They didn’t seem to be too bothered by each other, but the duck did tend to keep an eye open just in case.
After a pleasant wander around the gardens we headed to Richmond to check out some of the shops and sights.
When we got there we decided to have a coffee and something light to eat and we found a little cafe that had some tables in the front garden so we sat in the sun and enjoyed the serenity for a while.
After the coffee, we took a wander around town. There were lots of antique and junk stores, and a great woodcraft shop. I bought a few little bits and pieces and then we made our way back to the car, and just down the road to the historic bridge.
From there we decided to head back to Hobart and check out the Botanic Gardens.
One thing I was looking forward to at the Gardens was seeing Pete’s vege patch. After so many years of seeing it on Gardening Australia it was nice to see it in person.

There were some amazing displays of orchids and the tulips were in full bloom which made for some beautiful garden beds. We even checked out the Japanese Garden section which was very nice, but was missing the koi and bonsai that we expected.
We ended up leaving shortly before closing time and headed back down to the ┬áHenry Jones Jam Factory to see if they still hadvacancy. We were in luck and booked a really nice room for the night that we instantly felt at home in. The service was amazing and I’d highly recommend staying there to anyone else going to Hobart and looking for somewhere to stay.
We went for dinner at the Japanese restaurant next to the wharf and had some beautifully fresh sashimi before heading back to our room for a well earned rest.
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