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Trying out Tynt

I’ve just added a new script to my pages from

Our patent pending Tynt Insight technology tracks what’s being copied off your site and automatically adds a link back to your content with every paste.

Read more:

Apparently it works with images too. Free sign-up and fairly painless to add a line to the wordpress template.

New battery for ClearOne Max Conference Phone

We have a ClearOne Max conference phone at work that has been in need of a new battery for a while. When we do get new batteries for it, they never seem to last as long as they should and always need to be ordered in.
Solution: Use an RC battery pack.
The battery in the conference unit is a 7.2V 1800mAh NiMH battery pack. The RC battery pack is 3000mAH so we get much longer out of it on a single charge.
We’re still able to use the normal charger that came with the phone too.

ClearOne Max conference phone battery mod

Sure it might be big and ugly (I’ve hot glued it to the phone) but it works amazingly well.

Glintech integrates Asterisk, Jabber for open source UC platform

A week or so ago, my boss came to me asking if I could write something on what’d I’d done internally with XMPP and Asterisk for someone he knew at Computerworld. I was only too happy to have someone listen to my ramblings, so I wrote up some replies to some of the questions his friend had asked.
Last night my boss sent me a link to the article. Unfortunately, the article makes it look like he was the one who replied to the questions instead of me, but it’s nice to get some of my work out there anyway.
Here’s the full article: Glintech integrates Asterisk, Jabber for open source UC platform.
For those who actually understand what the article is about, you’ll probably realise that what I did here wasn’t anything particularly difficult or out of the ordinary. But hopefully for those who don’t, it might open a few eyes to some of the things that can be done with open source software.